Leftover Christmas dinner recipes

The big day is almost upon us. Over the past few weeks the cupboard shelves have been stacked higher and higher with nuts, biscuits and chocolates you’ll probably never get round to eating, the Christmas cake has been maturing since October and for days now those pigs in blankets sitting in the fridge have been teasing you. Everybody is undeniably prepared for Christmas.

Roast Turkey Sandwich

Roast Turkey Sandwich (Photo credit: diettogo1)

But come Boxing Day we make the unsurprising discovery that we’ve overbought and the reality of turkey sandwiches breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week sinks in.

This isn’t for everyone, and for those who are a bit bored of turkey sandwiches, quite frankly don’t like them or want to try something new there are hundreds of quick and easy recipes to use up all your leftovers in a different way.

Former head chef at Gordan Ramsay’s Michelin starred London restaurant, Claridge’s, uses leftover turkey to make a Turkey Stir Fry, which takes just 20 minutes to cook.


brussel_sprouts (Photo credit: krgjumper)

If you fancy something a little lighter then there’s Antony Worrall Thompson’s Thai Turkey Salad with soy sauce, ginger, chillies and fresh herbs.

Waitrose offers a recipe for Turkey Spaghetti Bolognese which is suitable for freezing.

Goodtoknow use up leftover Brussels sprouts with their Bacon with sprout bubble and squeak recipe.

Vegetarians can use up their leftover vegetables and make a Frittata using a recipe by Aldo Zilli, owner of Zilli restaurants.

Finally, Paul Rankin, the first to win a Michelin star in Northern Ireland, offers a recipe to make Cranberry Panettone Pudding using leftover Panettone.

But until then, Merry Christmas!

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